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Nigeria Clinical Trials Registry
NigeriaClinical Trials Registry

Because of ethical and scientific reasons, NCTR is established for registering trials. There will be Open access to information about ongoing and completed trials

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How to register a trial

This aspect of the Nigerian Clinical Trial Registry (NCTR) is unique in recognising that Nigerian trialists face additional challenges in trial registration and seeks to provide feasible ways of overcoming these. Due to the limited and unreliable access to the internet experienced by individuals in various parts of the country, trials may be registered online, (via the internet if access is sufficiently reliable) or by email, postal mail or facsimile.
The following information is required to register a trial:

  • Primary Registry and Trial Identifying Number:
    Name of Primary Registry(i.e NCTR), and the unique ID number assigned by the Primary Registry to this trial
  • Date of Registration in Primary Registry:
    Date when trial was officially registered in the Primary Registry.
  • Secondary Identifying Numbers

    Other identifying numbers and issuing authorities besides the Primary Registry, if any. Include the sponsor name and sponsor-issued trial number (e.g., protocol number) if available. Also include other trial registries that have issued an identifying number to this trial. There is no limit on the number of Secondary identifying numbers that can be provided.
  • Title of trial 
  • Trial acronym (if available) 
  • Trial objective 
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria of participants 
  • Target number of participants required (sample size) 
  • Anticipated start date 
  • Disease or condition 
  • Information on interventions (name, dose, duration) 
  • Primary outcome(s) 
  • Secondary outcome(s) 
  • Location of primary recruitment centre 
  • Contact details of person(s) responsible for providing information about the trial to the public and the scientific community 
  • Source(s) of Monetary or Material Support
    Major source(s) of monetary or material support for the trial (e.g., funding agency, foundation, company).
  • Primary Sponsor
    The individual, organization, group or other legal entity which takes responsibility for initiating, managing and/or financing a study. The Primary Sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the trial is properly registered. The Primary Sponsor may or may not be the main funder.
  • Information on collaborators (name, address, country)or  Secondary Sponsor(s) 

Additional individuals, organizations or other legal persons, if any, that have agreed with the primary sponsor to take on responsibilities of sponsorship. A secondary sponsor may have agreed:

  • to take on all the responsibilities of sponsorship jointly with the primary sponsor; or
  • to form a group with the primary sponsor in which the responsibilities of sponsorship are allocated among the members of the group; or
  • to act as the sponsor’s legal representative in relation to some or all of the trial sites; or
  • to take responsibility for the accuracy of trial registration information submitted.


To register your trial online: 
You will need to be a registered user before you can add your trial information. To register online click on 'register trial' 

To register your trial via email:
Send an email to info@nctr.net and we will email the necessary forms to complete. 


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The NCTR is a collaborative initiative of the National Agency for Food & Drugs Administration and Control, with support from the National Health Research Ethics Committee and the Federal Ministry of Health

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